Weiste 100 years


In early 1920's a Finnish primary school teacher by profession, Kalle Aimo Weiste had a paper shop in Helsinki. For Christmas time he imported once Christmas tree top stars made of silver yarn. When he closed the shop door the night before Christmas, only one of the statrs was left. He got an idea to start making this beautiful decoration on his own. This was the beginning of his Christmas decoration business, K. A. Weiste Oy.


The founder's son Aarre Weiste (1920-2001) continued his father's work. In 1992, as a recognition of international success of the company and Aarre Weiste's lifework, K. A. Weiste Oy was granted the Internationalisation Award of the President of the Republic by the President of Finland. The children of Aarre and Helvi Weiste took over the business and the family firm into the next century.


Our mission to bring joy to people has remained the same for a century. 100 years later Weiste is still a family company and our values, craftsmanship, innovation, stability and trustworthiness reflect our everyday work. Back in 1924, tinsel was among the first decorations manufactured by Weiste. Even though the range of products has grown enormously from those days, tinsel has remained as popular as ever.




Like a fairytale, but true.


The story begins in Christmas 1924 and it has all the ingredients of a fairy tale - the spirit of Christmas, bringing joy to people, an entrepreneurial father and a chain of generations. Kalle Weiste ran a paper shop in Helsinki in the 1920s. Once he bought Christmas tree top stars from abroad for sale. Decorations were scarce at the time, but people nevertheless wanted to have the Christmas feeling at home. By Christmas Eve, all but one of the stars had been sold. Kalle got an idea and started making decorations in Finland. 


Since then, we have brought joy to people who enjoy beautifying their home. We continue Kalle's tradition and today we offer interior products for a cozy atmosphere all year round. It all started with Christmas, but the fabulously warm atmosphere can be true at home whenever you want. 


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