Privacy Policy

Based on Personal Data Act (523/1999) section 10 and 24 of the Finnish Law.


1. Controller

K.A Weiste Oy (Business ID: 0215425-7)
Kalle Weisteen katu  4
00720 Helsinki
Tel. +3589351800
Fax. +3589345 4339


2. Contact Person

Mr. Mikko Hiltunen
Kalle Weisteen katu  4
00720 Helsinki

Tel. +358935180137
Fax +3589345 4339

3. Name Of The Register

K.A. Weiste Oy – Customer Register


4. The Purpose For Processing The Personal Data

The content of the K.A. Weiste Oy – Customer register is used to maintain customer relations, for contacting customers and for marketing and other online service purposes.


5. Content Of The Register

The register stores the following information about customer companies and their contact person/persons:

Customer number
Name (and from companies their business ID and/or VAT-number)
Phone number
E-mail address
User name

Address information (containing office, delivery and billing addresses):
Street address

Customer history:
Delivery methods and terms
Billing and payment history
Credit Information (Provider: Suomen Asiakastieto Oy)


6. Regular Sources Of Information

The information to be stored in to the K.A. Weiste – Customer Register is collected directly from the customer company or their contact person/persons. Information is collected by using K.A. Weiste Oy’s websites, e-mails, mails or in personal contact (etc. meeting or phone call).


7. Regular Destinations Of Disclosed Data And Whether The Data Is Transferred To Countries Outside The European Union Or The European Economic Area

No information will be disclosed to third parties. (Please note: Information can be disclosed to Finland’s authorities if their request is based on the Finnish law.) No disclosure of information outside the European Union or European Economic Area.


8. The Principles How The Register Is Secured

The manual content of the register is stored within K.A. Weiste Oy’s office so that outsiders have no access to it. The data register is stored so that it can not be accessed by unauthorised persons. Use of the register demands use of valid user name and password. The data register is protected with etc. firewall.


9. The Right To Examine Personal Records

The registered user has the right to examine their personal information stored in the register and get a copy of them. The written request with signature or personal request at K.A. Weiste Oy offices must be addressed to the contact person in register issues. 


10. Correcting Information

The register keeper corrects, removes or supplements any erroneous, unnecessary, insufficient or outdated information either on their own or on the customer's initiative. In such a case the registered user should contact the person in charge of the register issues with written request to correct data.


11. The Right To Forbid Disclosure

The registered user has the right to forbid the register keeper to use information concerning the user for direct advertising, distance selling and other direct marketing, marketing surveys or opinion polls. The forbidding must be written and addressed to the contact person in register issues.


12. Cookies

Cookies are used on the websites of K.A.Weiste Oy. The use of cookies enables K.A.Weiste Oy to recognize user's IP-address, used web browser and visited web pages. The information collected by the cookies is used to enhance our websites and to offer more personalized information to our customers. The cookies are stored on user's computers without any damage to the computers themselves or their files.

If the user chooses not to share information via cookies it is possible to disable this feature. Disabling can be done throught web browser settings. The cookies can be removed from the computer at any time. Please note, disabling the use of cookies may affect the proper function of the K.A.Weiste Oy's websites.